About StephREDD

StephREDD is driven by a distinctive interest to instruct, influence and inspire individuals and institutions to discover their most unique capabilities and set goals that enable them to tactically engage, with a view to achieve optimal results in the areas of work, career and business. A certified Human Resource Management Professional and Life Coach with a Master’s degree in French Language, she has over 13 years of applied work experience during which she has demonstrated quality delivery in Recruitment & Onboarding, Training & Development, Policy Design & Development, Compensation, Benefits & Rewards Management, Performance Management and Strategy Formulation & Execution. With job roles across Nigeria, Cameroon and Ghana, she is adept at incorporating global complexities into the realities of local peculiarities. StephREDD skilfully engages her multifaceted proficiencies to train and stimulate persons and corporates to find, develop and engage their strengths, subdue their weaknesses and exploit their opportunities. An ardent believer that good organisations make better societies, she helps organisations optimise their human capital for improved engagement and higher productivity while helping prospecting individuals to build prowess that guarantees sustained employability and improved patronage. A compelling Communicator and Public Speaker, StephREDD is skilled at infusing good humour into the fibres of any kind of discussion with a view to enliven while facilitating ease in assimilation and learning. She has hosted several meetings – trainings, business events, social initiatives, weddings, etc. in both English and French as a Translator or an Interpreter. Her message predominantly emphasizes the importance of Self-Discovery, inspirational Leadership, intentional Followership, preserving Hope and reaching out to greater possibilities with the intent to inspire her audience to forge ahead with a definite purpose that is mutually beneficial for Self and for Society. Her motto is “Never Give Up Until, You Win”. StephREDD is pleasantly married to the “Czarconomist” and they are blessed with two sons.

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No 12 Adeola Odeku street (LSDPC ESTATE BESIDE Adenuga Towers), block E shop 6, VI

Mobile: +23470 3941 1576

Web: Skillskitchen.com

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