Cancer is a medical condition that uncontrollably divides abnormal cells in a part of the body. Divided cells come together to form lump(s) in the part of the body they are present.

For breast cancer, divided cells form lump(s) in the breast.

Breast cancer is one of the most common types of cancer found amidst humans. It used to be a death sentence for anyone who has it. However, over the years, the increase in breast cancer awareness and research has reduced its death rate.

Despite the awareness of breast cancer, many Africans believe that sickness such as cancer is more of a spiritual plight than a health issue. It is however, noteworthy to say that cancer does not creep up on individuals either is it a reward for bad behavior. The reason for the sudden division of cell is yet to be known.

Still, breast cancer can be prevented through early detection.

The symptoms that accompany breast cancer include:

  • a lump or thickening different from the breast tissue
  • change in the size, shape or appearance of the breast
  • change in the skin of the breast
  • redness or pitting of the breast skin
  • peeling or flaking of the pigmented area of the breast skin

There are also factors that puts one be at risk of having breast cancer. They include; being female, inherited the gene, family history, early commencement of menstruation, obesity, alcohol amidst others.

These factors are not limited to women alone. The myth that only women have breast cancer is untrue. Men are not exempted from having breast cancer. Its low percentage amidst men does not eliminate its existence in men.

These risk factors can be adequately managed when individuals:

  • get knowledge on the subject and update it per time.
  • engage in regular breast self-examination
  • go for breast x-tray (mammogram) regularly
  • speak to a doctor about any noticeable changes in the breast.

Breast Cancer has no regard for gender. Hence, no one is excluded from learning about it and ways to prevent it.

Increase your knowledge about it.