Light beam. Losing her husband to the war, having to fend for three children, playing the role of the father and the mother, making effort to fit into the society as a woman, then a human, these burdens are shoulder crushing. Yet, Hannah told herself she would thrive. She would give her children [...]

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One of the very crucial health habits we are encouraged to cultivate is keeping our hands clean all the time. Especially because it is the most active part of our body. It goes into other parts of the body; the mouth, ear, nose etc as well. But you know, as the Nigerians that we are, we only remember to wash our hands when we are about to eat some very correct swallow.

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As a Nigerian, if you do not know who matters, you do not matter. The pay for labor can cause one to regret all the years spent in school. It is an insult. Our economy does not encourage entrepreneurship. It is a survival of the fittest. Living in Nigeria is hell. Showing a Nigerian passport should be enough to get one into heaven.

THE WAILS OF AN AVERAGE NIGERIAN2018-11-19T10:02:37+00:00
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