Often times, an unaddressed friction in communication can deter the success and profitability of a business or an organization. It can also ruin the chances of been referred to a prospective client. Communication is a tool that brings all business types into the similarity box.

It is the act of imparting or exchanging of information by speaking, writing or using any other medium.

Communication- the human connection is the key to personal and career success.

_Paul J. Meyer

It is a human tool that is required in any business type. Every business deals with humans either clients, vendors or staff. With humans tagged as the most difficult set of creations to manage, communication makes human management a little less cumbersome.

The role communication plays in business cannot be ignored, both in managing humans and business situations or transactions. Though, the twenty-first century has provided different platforms that make communication easier, however, communication has evolved from the mere use of words to convey a message to been a tool that determines the success of a business. It also plays a crucial role in the development and maintenance of relationships.

Along with the words used either in speaking or writing, facial expression (speaking) and intonation have become the vehicle that better conveys words. Therefore, every action and inaction during communication, especially in business, convey a message.

A speaker in a business environment should:

  • Have a relaxed look. It portrays politeness and makes one look approachable
  • Use the right non-verbal communication rightly e.g. tone, gesture, body language
  • Think about words and use only the best ones
  • Learn to show some understanding with the listening party
  • Learn to listen after speaking
  • Apologize when necessary

When writing in a business environment (via mail, chat platforms etc.), a writer should:

  • Professionally salute the receiver of your writing
  • Learn to use the words please and kindly as often as possible
  • Write and spell in full. Stay away from abbreviations, especially when you are representing your business on a social media platform
  • Keep private matters from your writings
  • Proofread your writings
  • Learn to reply and acknowledge all message

The above tips will foster clear communication amidst clients, vendors and staff of any business or organization while portraying the image of an individual or an organization in a good light.