The most important player in the songwriting industry is the songwriter, and everyone knows this. Today we’ll be looking into Few Principles Not Rules to Songwriting. As we all know that the songwriter is the person who writes the song and without him, there would not be a song to sing.

A songwriter does not even have to be the singer of the song and in most cases, they actually aren’t. The majority of popular singers we see on TV and concerts almost never write their own songs, but have one or a team of songwriters who take care of the verses, hooks, and music.

No matter how beautiful the voice or the act of the singer is, or how charismatic they are, they can never be popular without the proper words to sing or speak. Therefore, if you want to craft a song successfully, you must learn the basic principles of songwriting.

What you will learn:

  • Write a song from scratch
  • How to think when writing a song
  • The story behind songwriting
  • Storytelling with songs
  • Learn from Others
  • Analyze Good Songs
  • Pick a Good Place
  • Be Authentic

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