On every tabloid, social media posts and all news platforms, one would have read about ten programs empowering women before getting one for men. The women are the targeted audience for most training, seminars, and empowerment. But can we blame them? This is the result of years of been side-lined and improperly treated. Yet, we know Rome was not structured in a day.

These giant steps for womanhood in all sincerity deserve all the applause it can get. It has nothing to do with feminism or neutralism. It has everything to do with restoring the confidence of a wounded human species.

Empowering women, however, is an unending circle. The positive energy for women empowerment only continued the existing circle. Men are been side-lined, just the way women were a couple of years back. The previous circle had men at the centre and women cowering at the far corner. The narratives read differently now.

Nevertheless, in the long run, empowered women end up being wives and sisters of disempowered men. Most male folks are resting on the oars of their enabled female counterparts. Young males are lost to drugs, internet frauds, theft and other societal vices.

The question is, what does the bright future of the female gender hold against the seemingly bleak future of the male gender?

Superiority never works in the game of empowerment. Having a balance for both parties is what gives us our built future fantasies. No gender is devoid of the other. No gender can fly alone. No gender can deliver the future we both hold dear alone.

Empowering men is as important as empowering women.