There is a feeling of warmth and confidence that comes with having a blank, new page. The same feeling accompanies a New Year. The human mind believes everything is all green when it is new. Therefore, starting something new should go with something new, like a new year, you know.

Most individuals have New Year resolutions. Some write down these plans to aid execution. Others have it engraved on their minds. There are always high expectations for the execution of these plans. Peeking from the human mind, it is believed they would be massive and profitable projects or the great end to some habits.

However, this is not always the case. In a flicker and as the New Year roll into days, the New Year suddenly feels old and outdated. Though, still blank. The year could be tagged cursed and the following year is looked up to with greater expectations.

The human mind forgets that seconds makes up a year and every second is a new, blank page to become. The human mind looks beyond the seconds that rolls into minutes, hours, days, weeks and months. All these fragments of time that amount to a year are new. Yet, the human mind ignores them while focusing on the supposedly bigger picture of a new year.

A new year always seems like the perfect time to roll into motion all the plans that could not be achieved in the present year. This stands untrue in all ways. A new year does equal a perfect time to launch out. It is just another day that was given a higher preference on the human calendar.

So, before you skip those plans to the year to come, 2019, you still have 54 fresh new days that are very viable time to implement your goals. 2018 is not over and a whopping lot can still happen this year.

‘The greatest amount of wasted time is the time not getting started’

-Dawson Trotman

Every day skipped are days that could be productive enough for you to implement your goals. Not getting started on your goals because the year is almost rounding up is tantamount to wasting time. Your goals can be implemented now.  You acting on your goals is all you need to destroy your attempt at procrastinating it to the New Year. Moreover, a New Year is also another day.

Live now. Do them now. Do not stall till the New Year.

Get going with your goals.