In the next couple of weeks, students would be back to the four walls of their classrooms. Formal education continues.

Weeks before school resumption, parents are encumbered with preparing their children for school. This is usually very stressful and expensive. The beginning of the session requires buying new things (bags, shoes, books, uniform etc). These expenses can weigh parents down. Also, the need to want their children to look better than they did the previous session can be exhausting.

However, preparing a child psychologically and emotionally is rarely considered during resumption preparation. These aspects are as necessary as the physical, financial and spiritual preparation.

Here are few ways to prepare your children psychologically and emotionally for resumption:

  • Talk to them about their last academic session. This can be done over food or games. The setting should preferably be informal. This would help get the best out of the conversation
  • Let them express their opinion about the new academic height they have attained. Discussions can evolve around the school, subjects, uniform, anything related to their academics.
  • Discuss social matters that they might encounter at school with them. This would depend on their age bracket. Topics can evolve around sexuality, hygiene, menstruation etc.
  • Give them all the support they need even before they have to think about resumption

Preparing children for school requires more than meeting their financial and physical needs. Also, resumption preparations should not be done close to resumption date.

Bits of preparation per time builds up all part of a child’s educational immune system. Help them grow a strong immune system.

Happy School Preparation Week!