From Elementary School, Basic Health is a core subject for every student. This is because it is essential to imbibe the practice of healthy living at a tender age. Also, the value of good health cannot be traded for cash, even a very large sum of it. Hence, the knowledge of it is very important.

Health and every part of it is discussed up till the Secondary school level in Nigeria. Google has also made accessing information about health readily available from our comfort zone. Yet, simple health habits are difficult to find amidst Nigerians.

One of the very crucial health habits we are encouraged to cultivate is keeping our hands clean all the time. Especially because it is the most active part of our body. It goes into other parts of the body; the mouth, ear, nose etc as well. But you know, as the Nigerians that we are, we only remember to wash our hands when we are about to eat some very correct swallow.

Keeping our hands clean shouldn’t be done only when food is involved. Most people would hurriedly wash their hands before eating, forgetting that contacts and every other activity that requires touch fill our hands with more active, sometimes harmful bacteria. Some people do not wash their hands after using the toilet. Some believe that except their hands have visible stains of dirt, it should not be washed.

Transmitting infection via our hands has a higher percentage than sexual transmissions. Therefore, the importance of ensuring that our hands are always clean cannot be overestimated.

Many Nigerians only care about their health when there is a breakout. When Ebola broke out, the price of hand sanitizer tripled because even the average Nigerian wanted one. No one wanted to be infected or die. During that period, every Nigerian seemed to understand the importance of having clean hands. However, after Nigeria was declared Ebola-free, most people forgot what a hand sanitizer is and also the importance of having clean hands. Having clean hands should not be dependent on situations.

Clean hands can to a great extent prevent a lot of health issues while minimizing breakouts.

The festive season is here and there would be lots of contacts that could ease the transmitting of infections. Do endeavor to have your hands regularly washed or sanitized and make sure this becomes a lifestyle.

Clean hands aid good health!

Clean hands keep the doctor away!

How often do you wash your hands?