Oh no! The meaning of the word is not how appears. This is not to question the time you spend on social media. We are not monitoring you.

In the TGIF spirit, we would be addressing a social slang that has become a social norm amidst youths. People who do not engage in the acts that get one to be online, utter the words to show they are in vogue too.

Being online is a slang that seems to have surpassed the Shaku Shaku domain.

The word depicts how high and gingered one is and how available one is to be gingered and high. It has been sung about and even danced to. It has been practiced and daily lived out. But do you know that as negatively impacting these words can be, they can yield a positive result if rightly channeled?

Are you online to learn?

Are you online to grow?

Are you online to be financially independent?

How online are you to be different?

How online are you to be a positive influence?

    How much do you invest to be online?

Answer the above questions, replacing online with gingered.

It is alarming how very willingly youths want to use drugs, smoke and generally gyrate. Yet, they have a rather slow response to something positive and beneficial. In comparison to the energy of those who are positively invested in their craft, the energy of those who are ‘online’ surpass this so much.

Bring your ‘onlineness’ to your craft, your business, and your education. Let your ginger not wither off. The amazing thing about this ‘online’ thing is that the folks who originated it never want to go offline.

So yeah,

Bring your passion online!

Never let your craft go offline!

Your presence online is valid as long as it is making a positive impact. You need to be seen online daily. Bring your best online.