This past weekend recorded histories in different industries that would not be forgotten. An African movie will be featured on Netflix for the first time. A fan defeated her idol with no small score-line margin at the US Open.

4 years after taking a selfie with her idol, Osaka Naomi of the Japanese and Haitian lineage defeated the 23 times Grand Slam winner, Serena Williams at the very first attempt in her career life. Despite been booed for her success, the world had to succumb to the fact that the boos cannot and does not change the fact that she won. Naomi Osaka got her first Grand Slam at 20 years, who knows, this might be the beginning of many more.

The social media and life itself echoed Naomi’s success. However, her practices, down-times and failures were never heard on these platforms. These are all behind the scene. Nevertheless, the sun had to shine brighter at her success.

When people do things that should deflate the human instinct, the universe seems to whisper that it is the human nature at work.

It is human to fail. It is human to disappoint. It is human to be mean. We cover every lapse with the human nature. Our human nature always takes the blames for our mistakes.

What we rarely come to admit is that it is human to love. It is human to care. It is human to succeed. It is human to be attentive. It is human to be all things bright and wonderful. You just have to choose the aspect of the human nature you want to daily live in.

Also, it is human to break norms for good. It is human to make positive impacts. It is human to do the extraordinary. It is human to beat your idol at their very best if you work and prepare for it. It is human to be the first to attain the level of success you desire if you do the needful. It is human to be all you can, only if you let yourself be.

As much as it is human to make mistakes and do some not so great things, it is very human to do the right and great things too. Especially breaking norms for good and walking in terrains that have not been treaded.

What do you want to tag your human nature on?