Measurement birthed comparison. What the measuring device is, never bothers us, as far as the result gives us a reason to compare.

With age and technology, Social Media has become a measuring device. It has silently, yet emphatically dictated how we should live, what we should wear and eat, how we should look etc. This surreal standard that our screens have built has helped shaped a large pyramid of low self-esteem in our society. We have been made to believe that only the younger generation are battling with this virus and the older generation are seeking a cure for this ache. However, it perplexing to realize that the older generation who lifts the placard of ‘The person on the magazine cover is not totally real’ has caught the bug and are living the life the screen dictates too.

‘You have never really succeeded till you flaunt it’. These words are what is on the news headlines in many people’s life. Brokenness, depression, sadness, and the state of being ugly is what staring at our screens has brought us, especially when we do it for too long or when we see people younger than we are hit miles we have not thought of. This has brought many of us to our heels. We run other people’s race and try to impress people who are not looking. It is sad to realize that our state after the cat race is always worse than before we began the cat race.

Social media was created to aid interaction and socialization, not to give us fire on our heels. Pseudo life lives majorly behind our screen. It is insulting to one’s self to plummet one’s entire being on an idea of something or someone that you do not know or lives in your screen.

You are the most real there is. You are the best measurement for yourself here on earth. Compare you with you by doing better for yourself at every passing second. This way, you eliminate measurement.

There is way more to life than what the screen of our phones pops on our faces.

Mabodu Olamide (_MO)