“Fake it till you make it” is been used unproductively at this time of the world. Act rich and classy by not mingling with others has been a motto to having a high-class social life for ages. This comes with having to be alone and putting up the features of needing no one, no friend. Being alone and all by oneself every time is being welcomed, especially by young adults. They believe aloneness is a long road away from loneliness.

The truth, however, remains that every human has a phase in life when loneliness steps in to be their companion. In spite of this, no one should be overcome by it neither should anyone wallow in it. People who are lonely become dangerous to themselves. It has been proven that more than half of the time, people who advocate for aloneness are actually lonely. To be alone is good and very positive. However, there is a thin line between aloneness and loneliness. Loneliness is accompanied by depression and other mental health issues that can be treated if attended to early.

The increased rate in societal buzz has made people mistake having a social life to be social. People who have social lives, especially on social media platforms, are automatically believed to be fine and mentally healthy. Little do most people know that some people attend social events just to have pictures to feed the social media with. Half of the time, they feel uncomfortable been where they are, they do not interact with others and they spend the whole event time on their phones. These obviously are not features of a social person.

The birth of mobile devices also has encouraged aloneness and walked people into loneliness before they realize the steady progress of the damage been done. The rate of suicide and people coming forward about having suicidal thoughts has systematically increased by the year. Hence, the need to safeguard yourself from loneliness and the claws it comes with.  Don’t be swayed by the voice at the back of your head that screams that you are not needed. You are needed. The world is never the same without you.

Be on the lookout and constantly put yourself in check. Your mental health is more important than keeping up with a race that you are not meant to run. Don’t be robed in on some strings of words about how very good you are at being alone. Man is a social animal for a peculiar reason.