As a Nigerian, it has become a norm to live with anything that does not change with time. We pride ourselves with the fact that we can adapt to anything difficult and rugged. We console ourselves with the belief that a supreme being is making us go through whatever we go through, forgetting we have a part to play. We rarely see ourselves as being resilient enough to get the positives. Only a few Nigerians want to go through the rigour of the positives that persistent working for change can bring. What can a few do in the face of a multitude?

A few months ago, the Nigerian One hundred naira note made the news headlines. It was the topic of discussion on most radio stations and a couple of TV shows. The media was using its voice to notify the necessary individuals about the battered and unpleasant state the one hundred naira notes on the street of Nigeria is. Voices, male and female; Writing, legible and faint made statement about it. Yet, the talks and writings triggered no action. So, it stopped or at least, it was not mentioned on these channels anymore.

Few months after, every Nigerian moved on like we always do. You get one hundred naira balance from a transaction and you are confidently told not to complain about it. No one complains about its state anymore and no one will reject it from you. Live with it, they slam those words to your face. This particular naira note has gone through Nigeria’s furnace and has lost its integrity.

This naira note screams out our state has a nation and the citizens of the nation. We are daily looted because we always adjust to every situation and it is certain we would lose our voice at some point when we speak out. It has become a norm, a cycle everyone is comfortable with. We have experienced worse, we tell ourselves. Yet, we are agonised by it.

This mind-set reflects on other aspects of our activities too. When a person damages a public property or cheats another person, if we are not turning a blind eye, we are saying the person should be let alone. We cannot get the accountability we desire if we would always settle for being cheated on our way to seeking accountability.

Hilly is the road to positives, stopping halfway yields no different result. In fact, it is as good as not starting.

What Nigeria do you seek? What Nigeria are you consciously working to get?