Ever heard the words, ‘Spend what you have left after saving’. Well, one encounters these words in unexpected places. Also, on the lips of people who have not lived true to the words.

The question now is, Are you one of the exemplary ones? Have you been able to live true to these words? Over the years, have you been able to save more than you have spent? Do you look back and regret spending that Two Hundred Naira that year? Do you think if you had not spent it, you would have hit your first millions or tens of millions now?

More than how we perceive saving, saving is actually a culture. Not forgetting that culture is a way of life. This means saving is a practical act rather than a thought. It requires a lot just like life. Some sweats, cries, thinking, denial, work, earning money and spending a lot of it sometimes. In spite of these seemingly little requirements, saving cannot exist without discipline. The simplest truth is that saving and discipline are twins.

In a world where the dignity in labour is low and plenty of accolades fly around for living large and flashy, saving is somewhere on the side-line. It is screaming out for help. The presence of Banks, Micro-finance and Financial institutions has not yielded many results. Their various saving schemes have had only a little impact on the world of saving.

Most times, people save towards a particular thing. The achievement of such is the ending of saving for them or a reduced scale to it. Saving’s luggage is packed and would be visited some other time. This should not be a story heard around people who want to be financially independent. In need or not in need, saving should be a continuous thing. Anyways, when is human not in need? Saving should not be fuelled by the need or want of something. Let it thrive in its light.

Are you even aware that savings can birth investments?

Accumulated saving aids investing. This would in turn bring you more money to invest or spend but preferable to invest again.

Make the act of saving money a lifestyle. Learn to look away from the flashes of materialism. Sieve out your needs from your wants. Indulge yourself in your wants without breaking into your savings. Though some savings are to fulfill a want. Do not try to please people by breaking your savings. At the end of the day, the returns from your savings and investments would give you more luxury than what you are presently cringing for.

Find a saving plan that you are comfortable with. Work with it.

Your savings can be your gateway to the investment that would yield huge returns. Do not miss out on opportunities because you keep spending your savings.