With the recent happenings in Nigeria, putting our lives on the pedal of our government’s decisions is not one of the available options to ensure safety.

The Plateau killings, the fire blast on Otedola Bridge Lagos, the attempted murder of a LASU student and the everyday lack of security that results to deaths but never makes it to the media is a wake-up call to every Nigerian on the issue of security. After every one of these heart-wrenching incidents, our gadgets and news headlines are graced with consolatory words from our government with no effective plan to avert these occurrences in the future.

Over the years, these happening seem to be recycled in our country. Time has been the only change in our Nation’s security system. According to Premium Times, May 3, 2018, a tanker in Taraba State exploded, killing about 8 people. A month after, cries of the same incident were heard in Lagos. This time, more lives were lost. We live in a ‘the Lord will do it Nation’, we forget that there is a place for us to do our quota too.

Nevertheless, coupled with our faith in the Sovereign God for protection, adhering to some precautions especially on our not so road-worthy roads is very needful.

Here are tips that can help:

  •    Be alert and very sensitive on the road. It is no news that most truck drivers are not very compassionate with their driving neither are their trucks in good shape. As a driver, ensure you do not move too close to them. As a passenger, you might not be on the wheels but your voice can go a long way to ensure the longevity of your life. Call your driver to order.
  •    You will always be your biggest asset. In the event of a prospective accident, save yourself first before you try to save your assets. In cases like this, time is of utmost essence.
  •    Your safety is the best news your loved ones can get. In a bid to be the source of a news, do not forget it would make the news anyways with or without your input.
  •    Alert others who are not aware of the danger you have seen. It is a selfless social responsibility.

We are our own security. We do not have to sit on our hands in the face of unsafety. You owe yourself your life.





Author: Mabodu Olamide (_MO)