Bimpe is a hands-on person. She has an eye for things she can do with her hands and learns by watching another person do it. This fascinating fact about her has earned her the words SKILLFUL in the mouth of many. Despite having a degree in Accounting and loving numbers, everyone believes she would be limiting herself if she decides to take up a career in Accounting. She is pretty good at baking, tailoring, shoe-making, photography, hair styling, make-up and a lot of DIY.

The praises and words from people has Bimpe confused about what to do. She can do virtually anything she sets her mind to. Yet, she would like to work as an Accountant first. She wondered if settling for Accounting for a while would mean she is trading her skillfulness for a corporate career.

Gbemi, on the other hand, is a Medical student whose hands seem to work only on medical related stuff. She would look at Bimpe admiringly any time she does a handiwork. The thought that she is useless outside medicine drove Gbemi to learn different handiwork. However, when she compares her output after learning any handiwork to Bimpe’s who didn’t devote as much time to learning any, she gets discouraged. She kept reminding herself how UNSKILLFUL and narrow she is.

What Bimpe and Gbemi did not know is that a skill is the ability to do something well. This could either be a handiwork or a career. One’s expertise in a given field or niche is one’s skill.

Talent you have naturally. Skill is developed by hours and hours and hours of beating your craft.

_Will Smith

A skill can be a handiwork or career (corporate). The two requires having passion and seeking knowledge. To be great at any, hours of honing, shaping and oiling are required.

Like Bimpe, some people have more than one thing they are skillful at. In selecting the skill to follow through with, it is necessary to consider which of the skills is needed in the market. Whatever skill is chosen should have a need it can meet in the market (It should be in high demand). Also, having one skill like Gbemi doesn’t put you behind. You can create a craving for your skill in the market and work at honing it to be what everyone needs.

Whichever kind of skill you have; handiwork or career, never forget to keep your passion up and stay up-to-date with the knowledge in your skill choice.

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