Ever heard the words ‘Hard work beats talent’. Let’s rephrase that to ‘Consistent hard work and smart work beats talent’.

To become a success within the industry of your skill, one cannot downplay the power of consistency. Consistency is an essential, irreplaceable ingredient for success. Consistency is your commitment to keep giving your best even when it doesn’t look like it is yielding much.

One can have the best knowledge about a skill but if the right effort is not put in (hard work and smart work), the knowledge is as good as useless.

Also, having the best knowledge and putting in the right effort doesn’t guarantee that one would always get the expected or calculated result every time. In times like this, your consistency is what will determine how far you would go, your level of success, productivity and impact.

Consistency might read as a simple word but it a hard act to do. It requires a lot of will power, emotional investments, tears and questioning your decisions sometimes, radical hard and smart work, never backing down mind-set, not getting noticed as expected and testing out several strategies. However, the mind-blowing thing about consistency is that it pays off at the end. Sometimes, it pay off surprises the individual who has been practicing it.

Consistency cuts across many aspects of an individual’s life because discipline stands at its core. An individual will need to be consistent with:

  • Time– A minute of tardiness can cause great and a painful loss
  • Learning and Unlearning– Everyday, new things happen within the industry your skill exists. Get knowledge. Get better. Access to knowledge has been simplified with platforms like skillskitchen.com
  • Value– The value you give should never reduce. You never can tell who is watching.
  • Networking– People are great assets to your skill. You never can tell who will help make your effort count
  • The use of social media– Your social media pages is where you get validated without your knowledge. You need to churn out steady information that revolves around your skill

Consistency is a continuous effort at everything. Do you want success? Don’t back down on your effort.