In our reflective state, we most times have this nudging feeling of “I wish I could go back in time”. Sometimes, it is to fix that friendship with the words, “I am sorry” or it is to walk away from that situation that has now become our greatest night mare; other times, it is to have properly responded to the warm greeting of an acquaintance or paid a little more attention to a detail, a friend, a situation or a lecture. Whatever this feeling of going back in time might be as a result of, it has only helped laid more emphasis on the fact that time is a phenomenon that cannot be held onto neither can its significance be measured with words.

We would never get back our unproductive days. The clock; an instrument we have come to measure time with, ticks, it never slows down neither does the stop of a clock mean the stop of time. At the close of the day, we are left to wonder where all the hours went especially when we have nothing significant to show for it; this in itself is the measure of time, how productive you are.

At an alarming rate, this generation has been a generation of not just the internet but of various social media platforms. Need I say, this has made us connect to the world, which is awesome but we have lost relationships with ourselves and the consciousness of the time swinging by without resting. It is quite alluring that all the different social media platforms have a time feature; yet its users daily forget about time. Having to connect to the world is great, in fact, it is one innovation that can never be underestimated but the true question is, does it have to come at the expense of losing connection with our minds, selves and our conscious development? The social media in all its glory and beauty does not help in developing our minds neither our body; our reasoning capacity does not function at full fledge as pictures that our minds ought to process, opinions that our thoughts should form has been made readily available in a click/ swipe away. It restricts our potentials and definitely our output in unimaginable ways.

For every post shared on these social media platforms, a lot of smart work has been done. Using Instagram as a case study, that picture of the celebrity you liked, it took hours of work to get the dress, hair, makeup, photography, the right lighting etc. It took keeping the mind busy, thinking creatively to get the style of dress, hair and even the matching shoes and accessories, the location of the shoot that would give the picture the right ambiance etc. The work and effort behind that single glamourous picture is not seen, only the finished product. We need to engage our minds and every part of us into working smart too and not just be “busy” liking the product of smart works. This is not to say visiting the social media is a gruesome idea, we should not be lost in that euphoria and forget to do something significant with ourselves. The most productive relationship we can have is with ourselves first.

In a generation when one cannot afford to be still in unproductiveness, social media should not dictate how far your mind can work and conceive. Every minute of your life spent in being unproductive is a part of your existence thrown into the ocean, never to be gotten back. Pause, look around, be reflective and ask yourself, “In the past year (s), what have I done with the times in my life?”. It is February, in the next twinkle, the year would be over. You are in your twenties, in the next inhaled breath, the thirties are up your sleeve. Would you someday, stand in front of a congregation and narrate to them how your unproductive time has made you a Legend?

The true measure of time is not in seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months or years, it is measured by your productivity and achievement. The relationship you have with yourself, the positive engagement you have with your mind, the smart thinking thoughts you will yourself to have, is more of what the universe is hungry for.