‘It is part of top organizations’ recruitment process now. They know that most people spend hours on social media and whatever they put up will be a reflection of their passion and believes’, Tiana said.

Damilola was in tears. ‘But that should not be. My actual life is way different from the life I post on social media’

‘There is nothing you can do right now than to revamp your social media accounts to portray your actual life’ Tiana pauses. ‘But truth be told, how can you be vying for the position of an On-Air Personality and not have a single post on all your social media account reflecting that? Not even a re-post. That does not speak much of what you claim you have a passion for’.

‘I know better now. I use to believe social media is a place to be glamorous. It is an escape from reality and you just have to paint the picture. I am sincerely hurt that the interviewer told me that my social media accounts portray me as someone who is not smart. All those abbreviations and slang talk’ Damilola sobs. ‘To think they were about to offer me my dream salary’.

‘Just take it off your mind. It is a learning process. Like you have said, you know better now. Social media is way more than a place to have fun. Did I tell you that Fiyin got a job because of her posts on Instagram? She has advised me to follow people that will encourage my career path too’.

‘Kai! This 21st century, so many things to consider. One can easily be swayed. Nothing can be overlooked. God! Tiana, I think I just need to sleep. I will be fine’

The glam of social media and the front-line reason that it ought to aid communication does not shrink the fact that it can be an instrument for career success and criteria during a job application process.

Do not get carried away. Many things in life reflect your personality, your social media accounts is one of it. Ensure it reflects your personality and not an idea of what you are not.