Lilian stood in shock looking at the mail she had just received from her boss. She was torn between following instructions and telling her boss that the candidate he instructed her to prepare an appointment letter for did not attend the interview.
Her boss had made her part of the interview committee and the organization did not have many applicants for the vacant post. This made it quite easy for the committee to know every applicant by name. Also, the interview had come in three stages, two out of it was a physical interview. Lilian was lost at the emergence of this name. How can someone who was not tested emerge a winner?
The interview committee had agreed about one of the applicants who portrayed great finesse for the position but her boss who would put a final stamp on it just sent her a strange name for the job.

‘Was another interview held and she was not aware of it?’ she thought. She marched to the offices of her colleagues who were also on the interview team. They informed her they were not aware any other interview took place. Who is this person? Why would her boss offer a person who did not attend the interview a job? Not just any kind of job but a job at the management level.
She knows there are people who are not qualified for a job and they get one but they would still show up at the interview at least. This is an oversight of process and all the organization stands for. The thought of the confidence this candidate would have about getting the job with or without the interview made her cringe.
She feels very uncomfortable about this. She can’t possibly stand up to her boss. What if he fires her? What if another interview was held and no one from the committee knew about it. The Human Resource team would know at least and they all said they don’t.
Her speaking up might not do much. She will just follow the trend and complete the cycle. She cannot afford to lose her job. It is a comfortable one.