Networking is the number one unwritten rule of success in business   -Sallie Krawcheck

Knowledge, creativity, persistence, good work habit, positive image and many more are known factors that influence success. Yet, networking plays a very crucial role in successful businesses.

Many individuals regard others as the ‘connected people’ because of the kind of relationship they maintain. What they do not know is that these ‘connected people’ built their relationships via networking. Networking is a lifestyle that most people believe they cannot afford because it requires:

  • Time- One has to be able to build, nurture and maintain relationships
  • Integrity- People are driven more by actions and will than by money
  • Substance- People are more willing to stay in touch with those who are helpful and trigger growth in them

The truth remains that only very few people are willing to pay this price. Most individuals are driven by the funds generated after every transaction than by the possible relationships that can be built after every transaction.

‘Networking is an essential part of building wealth’   -Armstrong Williams

Networking involves sharing and building. It has a great influence on the growth of businesses and persons. It is not material driven neither can it be bought by material things. Ever heard the phrase, ‘your network is your net worth’. Relationships built and maintained are viable seed for profit-making.

In pursuit for money or financial independence, networking should not be relegated. This is because everyone knows something you do not know and this could be the core ingredient your business or career life needs to succeed.

Network, it is a lifestyle everyone should enjoy. It has immense benefits.