With the millions of graduates leaving school and dashing to the job market and the constant change of industry and consumer behaviour due to technology, internet, and innovation it has become a matter of survival for you to standout from the crowd or be ignored.

In the years that lie ahead of your career, most jobs will be replaced by a robot or AI (Artificial intelligence) Today there are driverless cars operating in some parts of the USA, in fact the CEO of Volvo Hakan Samuelsson said ”In 2019 Volvo will only manufacture electric cars, and by 2021 it will roll out self driving cars to consumers”

What does all that mean to your career? It means that you should arm yourself with the skills that will stand you out from the crowd and the skills that a machine cannot perform. One of which is making effective and emotional presentations.

Here’s what Billionaire Warren buffet had to say about public speaking ”You can improve your value by 50% just by learning communication- Public Speaking Skills”

Public speaking or presentation skills is a learnable skill. Like driving a car you can learn how to speak well in public and boost your career. To help you do that, buy a copy of my book ROCK THE STAGE: 15 SIMPLE WAYS TO SPEAK WELL IN PUBLIC