The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil but by those who watch them without doing anything.

-Albert Einstein

Citizens of most African countries believe that there are senior citizens with the most power. Citizens who are more powerful than they are. This belief, unknown to many, has its root planted in our educational environment where young minds spend most active hours of the day. It is no hearsay that most teachers are comfortable teaching fast learners than patiently teaching slow learners. This act has given more power to the ‘elite learners’ which expels into the society in the long run. This obviously well-known approach to teaching has been around for ages but the sworn oath to silence daily leaves the society with a low self-esteemed half-baked adult.

With Karma lurking around the corner, every day in the last years, we have witnessed these fast learners become professionals in various fields while the slow learners who are half-baked turn out to be in government, ruling the fast learners. In spite of this, the ‘elite learners’ acts powerless at the time of electing a new government. They seem to believe they have been able to carve a comfortable niche they can thrive in for themselves and do not need good governance. Yet, a few comfortable citizens never make a great nation.

The underlying truth is that our citizenship gives us the power we rarely choose to explore. The effect of the 1993 Presidential election is on the lips of the new-borns even after the time has been long forgotten.  Getting your PVC should not be fuelled because of a need to have a means of identification neither should it be gotten because of the present wave of ‘I should get my PVC because others are’. You have been giving the power to make a life impacting change with it.

In the long run, the impact of you casting your vote or not is one that would last for another four or eight years as the case may be. We are responsible for the country we live in and the government we have. We are only powerless citizens when we choose not to use our power as a citizen.




Mabodu Olamide (_MO)