Christmas for children is about getting that gift they have longed for through the year. A visit to Santa or attending a Christmas party would mean a lot to them too. This defines a perfect Christmas, at least for most children.

For adults, Christmas is ensuring that their loved ones are very comfortable. Everyone getting what they want and having enough to their fill. They would engage in a lot of spending, money, time and energy. Juggling different responsibilities and hardly enjoying Christmas themselves. Yet, this defines the perfect Christmas for many adults, where every bill is settled, events run smoothly and everyone is satisfied, at least.

Despite the activities engaged in by the different age group, the sparkle of Christmas itself is dim. Year in year out, people chorus that Christmas is about giving, it is a show of love, but the real question is giving to who?

Show of love to who? To the same set of people, one has shown love to all through the year? Immediate family? Colleagues? Who exactly?

The real sparkle that lights up every Christmas tree and Christmas itself is giving to someone who might not be able to give it back to you. The exchange of gift is great. The show of love to people related to us by blood or bond is applaudable, but all these make up the ornament that we put on our Christmas tree. Giving to the less privileged is what gives our Christmas and its tree the needed light and glow.

What is a Christmas tree if it does not light up by the way?

Enjoy this Christmas with your favorites people in the world. However, do not forget that your Christmas is devoid of light if you cannot give that love to someone whose eyes would light up at your show of affection.

This year let your Christmas come with a difference. Give to the less privileged.