Very similar to every country in the world, Social Media has its own currencies. Every space that hosts a number of persons has its generally accepted use of words (language) and currency. For spaces that don’t foster physical touch e.g. Social Media, their language is easily known compared to their currency. This does not change the fact that the currency does exist.

While the use of every country’s currency can be restricted by location, Social Media’s currencies is not and when rightly spent and invested, these currencies can generate affluence that can be spent in the real world, anywhere in the real world. It is also twined with Social Media languages. Simply put, the currencies you have is a determinant of the language(s) you use.

Social Media currencies come in various forms. At the end of the day, you get profits on which of the currencies you decide to spend or invest in.

The Social Media New Currencies

Ready to know these currencies?

The first currency is the kind of relationships you have and keep via Social Media. The relationship currency has a lot of benefits. The language requirement for this currency is what you have in your bio and the kind of consistent posts you create. These relationships can move on to the real world and open up opportunities for individuals who speak this language and rightly spend this currency. The conversion to affluence of this currency can take a while but its yield can’t be estimated.

The second currency is what you use your Social Media pages for; Business, Blog, Personal etc. This currency is better gotten with the hashtag language. The use of the right hashtag is very crucial. Social Media, especially Instagram, made no error putting a hashtag button option in the search icon of the application. The power of hashtag is the reason some ‘businesses’ make use of trending wedding hashtag to drive people to their pages. The conversion to affluence of this currency can be instantaneous sometimes.

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The last currency is how you use your Social Media pages. This currency needs to be spent alongside the first two currencies.  The right usage of Social Media tools is the language requirement for this currency. This Social Media language (tools) can boost your visibility and help acquire the first two currencies. Its conversion to affluence solely depends on its usage.

If you don’t spend these currencies while appropriately using their language, you won’t get the affluence that comes with the use of Social Media. Except of course, Social Media is an avenue to get an update on things (just another news platform for you).

The affluence and influence that Social Media can bring to you, lips can’t tell it all.

Did you know about these Social Media currencies? Are you spending and investing them appropriately?