A stack of money, large bundles of them and a very robust bank account is the image that comes to mind when the word ‘Entrepreneur’ is mentioned. The words, ‘I am a businessman or businesswoman. I run my business. I resume anytime I please’, are what majority crave to roll out of their tongues. How convenient?

This mind-set has populated our business market. Most people venture into entrepreneurship with little or nodifferent scheme from what is in the business market space. Our business market is filled up with more sellers than buyers. Tales of its impact are on our GDP, with our competitive market very sour.

Being an Entrepreneur is a mind-set rather than a position. It requires more than having an online or offline presence at a specific location (s) and vehemently working tirelessly to be a renowned CEO. It is a conscious living that requires to be lived out than worked at. That is why it is has to be what you love and have a passion for.

Daily, humans battle with this well-known tag that other people thrive in effortlessly.  This thing called entrepreneur is more than a tag or meet the eye. Despite this, you can still stand out and make a lot of profit.Below are tips that you can use to achieve that;

  • You need to realise that your skill(s) might be an unexplored field. Accept it. Stand tall and don’t pursue other people’s skill. You do not need the whole world to recognise your skill. It can be as peculiar as art or more peculiar than art. Not everyone has an eye for art but the few people who do can literally kill for it. You only need those with big hands and healthy legs to give you a resounding clap and standing ovation, the multitude might not be healthy enough for that.


  • Develop your skill. Your skill might not be the happening thing but being a successful Entrepreneur is not a happening thing too, you have to make it one. Develop your skill before you tirelessly give effort to something that is a foetus. Your skill might be the first of its kind and even if it is not, you still need the world to thirst for it. Give it a flamboyant outfit that the blind would not resist staring at. Build it in a way that though it might not be at the forefront but the absence of it will leave a dying effect on other components.


  • Believe that what you are bringing to the table is exceptional. It is not part of the main course of a dish, it is the full course. See yourself as a substance that can absorb the best. Only then can you be an Entrepreneur with an impact.
  • Being an Entrepreneur is a mind-set. Not all Entrepreneur will own business(es). You need to be an Entrepreneur whether you own a business or not. Being an Entrepreneur means you daily improve yourself, thoughts and mind-sets in whatever you do and wherever you find yourself.Live an Entrepreneurial life before you start to work in the light.




Mabodu Olamide (_MO).