Christmas is here. The air around us tells it too. The harmattan, decorations, songs, carols, travels and loads of events reinforces that we are at that time of the year when spending is inevitable.

So many purchases, wrapping, gifting to make. The list of things that will gulf out money from people is endless. By the time the New Year comes, most people will feel January is a year in a month rather than a month in the New Year.

The circulated popular believe that December is the month to spend and January is the month to manage can be changed. You can have abundance in January.

Check out these tips to ensure you do not have to extremely pay for things you engage in this yuletide season in January.

If you are getting gifts for others, do this:

  • Create a list of people you want to give gifts to
  • Sieve your list out to accommodate those who truly need your gifts or you would really love to give gifts to
  • Have a list of possible gifts they would appreciate
  • From your list, get them a gift within your means (Trust me, after this Yuletide, there is a high percentage that the gift you painstakingly got them will become archaic)

Also, it is okay to get gifts for yourself this yuletide season. What is love if you do not give it to yourself first? In spite of this, stick to this suggestion if you want to have a grand January like you are having in December:

  • Create a list of things by priority that you would want to get or indulge yourself in
  • Strikeout things you can get or indulge in later in the year
  • If you have not been saving towards this treat, create a budget and strictly work with it
  • Lock away the rest of your funds. Yes! Lock it away. Don’t be tempted to spend it all

If you are hosting an event that people would not be paying for, make this tips your guide:

  • Provide food, drinks and snacks that you can conveniently afford. If you can make varieties, great! If not, people would always prefer a great meal than an array of food that is not bad but not good either
  • If you cannot afford a buffet, don’t make one
  • Dish out food in portions that you know people can clear their plates. Wasted food does not make a party great

If you are attending an event you are not paying for, practice this tips:

  • Don’t go there empty-handed. Bear gifts you can conveniently afford
  • Take along gifts that would make the event better. Not a wall clock
  • Help make the event better the best way you can. Clear the table, help with the dishes if you can etc

In all of this, remember the goal is to spend minimally yet have a grand yuletide. So, the New Year alongside the remaining days of it can be enjoyed in a more grand style.

Stick to your budget. Don’t look the other way.

Is it too early to say Merry Christmas?