Chinyere looked at her parents with tears in her eyes. She has been in this position, on this bed, at this hospital for more than half of her life. This has become her second home. The home she hates to visit. For every time she believes she has gotten used to this part of her life, the pain increases. She kept wondering how she could be in this situation despite her parent’s level of education.

Nkechi, Chinyere’s mother wished she had not allowed love swaddled her the way it has done. She knew herself and Emeka’s genotype are not compatible. They are both AS, yet they had believed their love would conquer it all. Chinyere’s persistent sickness has only burnout the flames of their love. She looks at him sometimes and does not believe he is the same man she married. Her life is practically on hold because her only child is always in and out of the hospital. Only if she can reverse the hands of time.

Emeka was reluctant to marry Nkechi. But he needed to prove to her that he loves her beyond every reasonable doubt. If he had known he was putting the life of his only child at the risk of their selfish love, he would have let Nkechi go. Every time he looks at Chinyere, her feeble frame and her off-yellow coloured eyes, there is a sour taste in his mouth and a hint of hatred for Nkechi. How can he stand by to watch his only child wriggle in pain? Sometimes, she loses her sleep. Other times, a pipe had to be passed into her body to remove her waste. Despite burying his head into a heap of work, his heart is always with her.  He rarely visited Chinyere because he cannot stand the sight of what he has caused his own flesh and blood. How can he allow himself to be this evil? How did he allow himself to be used to cause pain to an innocent child?

This is no news. Many educated people still fall into this pit of causing pain to their children via health in the name of love. Helping your children get a healthy life is also love. This love even weighs more. You are loving while securing to an extent the life of someone you have not seen or met.

One of the best gifts you can give your child is getting married to someone whose genotype is compatible with yours.

You can get a better education about what genotype is by going to the hospital or using Google. Stay educated.

You determine the health status of your children.